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Lightning 5.4

par Mozilla Calendar Project

Gérez votre emploi du temps quotidien directement dans Thunderbird ! L'extension Lightning vous permet de gérer un ou plusieurs agendas (local ou sur internet), les tâches, rendez-vous et invitations.


chargement de lightning

je n'arrive pas à charger ce module.
j'ai un message me disant qu'il y a des parties manquantes.
je suis sous w10
merci pour l'aide

Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles par fransou le mars 7, 2018

Works with Nextcloud 13 on https

Works well with Nextcloud (tested with server v13) and also over https. As I struggled a bit to get startet, here is a brief manual:
- Install the Plugin
- Add one new network calendar from your caldav server and authorize.
- Now you can right-click into the calendar pane and choose "find calendar (CALDAV)".
- I have to check "only search own account", click on my account name and on "list calendars" to get the list of my calendars and calendars shared with me. Tick the relevant ones and click OK. Calendars should now be added.
- Manually remove write-protection per calendar as needed (right-click, settings).

Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles par Utilisateur anonyme 2037c8 le mars 6, 2018

Two missing features in thunderbird calendar - category shortcuts and events spanning several days

Generally, the calendar is a good product. BUT: If you really use it in earnest (for example for work), then you soon notice that there are important features that are missing.

I would suggest that you add at least two very important features that even exist in terrible Outlook!

I have even switched back to Outlook because I need these two features!

a) When you add an event spanning several days, it should be shown as one single box, not as individual boxes on each day! People have suggested this since 2009, but it has never been implemented. It is a very important feature to keep your calendar tidy. Please add that...

b) In Outlook, I can use keyboard shortcuts to assing a colour to an event. In Thunderbird, you can use colours for categories (good), but it is not possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to a category (why not?). This makes it terribly complicated to assign a colour to your event: I need several mouseclicks to do so! Please add this function.

Thank you.

Noté 2 sur 5 étoiles par Utilisateur anonyme db9cf7 le mars 6, 2018

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